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Friday, September 1, 2017

Gutter Flush in Aurora Colorado

Gutter flushes are very important, especially after a hail storm. The hail, when it hits your roof, loosens "grit" (tiny bits of the asphalt roof). The grit can collect in the gutter. If enough girt collects, the weight of the grit, may cause the gutter to sag or even fall down.

<== This is the grit from a small section of gutter.  It weights several pounds. Gutters are not built to withstand, without damage, the weight of this grit!

With no gutter to protect your home from water, you may have a leak in the wall, which will be very expensive to fix.

Be smart get your gutters cleaned and flushed. 
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Gutter flush video below:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Denver Window Cleaning in the Winter - Aurora colorado

5 tips on how to clean windows in Aurora Colorado during the winter:

  1. Hire a professional!
  2. Hire a professional!
  3. Hire a professional!
  4. Hire a professional!
  5. Hire a professional!

Safety: Ladder placement is critical for safety. Unseen ice could result in a world of hurt! Ice sliding off gutters or the roof also represents a chance for a head injury. Because the surfaces of your home are all slippery due to ice and water a small "over reach" may result in the ladder slipping  off the roof Is all these risks worth it? So hire a pro...

Todd, "I take extra precaustons in winter window and gutter  cleaning.  I have established good safety habits as a result of years of cleaning windows and gutters in winter.  (I also have good insurance!)".

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Aurora Colorado

Great view from the roof of this Aurora Colorado home, on the golf course.

One of the little known facts about Aurora is that in 1979, it was announced that a science fiction theme park would be built in Aurora using the sets of a 50-million dollar film based on the fantasy novel Lord of Light. However, due to legal problems the project was never completed.

The script of the unmade film project, renamed Argo, was used as cover for the "Canadian Caper": the exfiltration of six U.S. diplomatic staff trapped by the Iranian hostage crisis.

Argo went on to win three Academy awards. Aurora never got the theme park!