Skiing and Climbing

I started cleaning windows in 1996.... I enjoy being outside, like many Coloradans, doing physical work. Climbing and skiing is a big part of my life passions especially Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks.

Todd does another 14,000 Climb 2018!

Capital Peak is a class 4 climb.  Requires a full day for the technical portion. The route is 17 miles.

Capitol Peak is one of the most difficult of Colorado's fourteeners to climb. The only non-technical route, the Northeast Ridge, requires crossing the famously exposed "Knife Edge," the northeast ridge of Capitol. Fatalities have occurred on this route. Other routes require technical rock climbing, for example, the Northwest Buttress Route (Grade IV, Class 5.9). These routes have significant rock fall danger due to a great deal of loose rock; however, the rock is substantially more solid than on the more famous Maroon Bells or on Pyramid Peak

As you can see from the pictures below the climb is worth the views.

Summit 14,130

Knife Edge

Capitol Lake


On the last day of the ski season in Colorado, I skied across a pond.  See video below:

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This year I summited Mt Sherman - 14,036!

Summit video. It took 3 years and 4 attempts to make summit!
On Torreys peak 14,275 february 2015.
On the summit of Mt. Democrat solo 14,154'  preparing to ski from summit. April 2014
When I was 20 (1991) 2 high school friends and I skied from the summit of Mount Denali, on a 28 day expedition. We were all 20 and became the youngest group to ski down Denali. This record still stands to this day.  Read More....