Leaf Relief Gutter Guards

Protect your Home! With Gutter Guards

Leaf Relief® Gutter Guards

  • Maintains house appearance
  • Ends gutter cleaning
  • Increases the life of the gutter system
  • Installs without lifting shingles

A short video about Leaf Relief Gutter Guards:

My customers who installed Leaf Relief are pleased...This is what they are saying:

You may not realize it, but your gutters play an important part in protecting your home. Gutters are designed to remove rainwater away from the foundation of your home.

No way leaves can clog the gutter
While we take in each seasons splendor, it is hard to imagine the extensive damage that can be caused by something as delicate as a leaf. Leaves can clog gutters and downspouts resulting in severe problems and expensive home repairs. There are many gutter protection products on the market today that can drastically reduce this risk. Alcoa Home Exteriors, a leading manufacturer of building products, unveils its latest solution for gutter and downspout protection, Leaf Relief™.

During the dry summer months, a leaf-clogged gutter could be a potential fire hazard as dried leaves are highly flammable. In damp warm temperatures, it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. According to public health officials, mosquitoes lay their eggs in the stagnant water of clogged gutters, which is a main concern in the outbreak of West Nile Virus. Recent reports have suggested that by keeping gutters and spouts clean and debris-free, homeowners can reduce their risk of contracting this disease.

In the fall and springtime, leaves can get caught in a gutter, blocking downspouts and causing water to overflow. This can lead to leakage or even worse, a major home disaster. When water is trapped, it can seep under the shingles, though
the fascia or into the soffit, where it can cause serious damage to exterior walls, insulation and drywall. Water damage can also cause roof deterioration and ground erosion, which can be particularly dangerous situation as this affects the foundation of the house.

When winter begins to set in, the leaves, twigs and pine needles that remain in the gutter begin to decay and form a clay-like substance within the downspouts. During the day, snow melts and runs down the roof into the gutter where, trapped by this dam of debris, it can freeze overnight causing a serious obstruction. The weight of certain blockages can cause the gutter to pull away from the house if it is not securely attached and can cause pooling next to the foundation.

Compatible with all roof systems, Leaf Relief™ guarantees quality leaf and debris protection at an affordable price. The system utilizes patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology - perforated holes keep water flowing and works efficiently to keep out leaves, twigs, seeds and small debris, including pine needles. Leaf Relief™ has proven 100 percent effective in a series of independent tests.* (*Independent test lab results by Intertek Testing Services, NA LTD and Architectural Testing Inc.)

Leaf Relief™ offers exceptional volume capacity, capable of draining 305 inches of water per hour - at least 25 times more flow than most competitors. Most ordinary dry debris is cleared from the surface with a gentle 6 mph breeze, while wet debris is removed with a 23 mph wind. Virtually undetectable from the ground, Leaf Relief™ adds rigidity and durability to the gutter. The secure mounting system stays firmly in place to resist high winds, ice and snow, ladder damage and pest invasion.  Leaf Relief™ mounts directly to the gutter, it never requires lifting a shingle.

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