Commercial and High Rise

Are you concerned with getting a job done with quality?

Are you concerned with safety? ME TOO!  


I have worked, preformed public service, and played “up high” on since I was 18. I took a 4 credit college course in mountaineering. In this course I had formal training about knots, ropes, rappelling and hauling systems from an expert, (Yes,  I got an “A”)

I started rappelling for fun!
For public service I spent 8 years in the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group. (on the Board of directors for 2 years).  I preformed high angle rescue and mountain rescue. We worked closely with the Alaska State Troopers. I Worked as a mountain guide on Mt. Denali.(20,320 ft.) I became an expert rock and ice, snow climber. In 1996 I started cleaning windows on houses.

High Rise Experience:

2001: I began  cleaning high-rise windows in Reno Nevada casinos up to 43 stories using mountain climbing techniques such as rappelling, and  using a bosun chair. 2003:  Relocated to Las Vegas  worked as a window cleaner also on high rises.  I then spent 8 years  in Ohio cleaning buildings up to 50 stories.

My crew and I know and stay up to date with OSHA  rules and regulations.  We only use OSHA  approved equipment.  I am currently working on being certified for a level 1 rope access.

Safety of the public below us is our first priority.  Always use barricades and safety tape to mark off areas.

We go the extra mile!