Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Denver Window Cleaning in the Winter - Aurora colorado

5 tips on how to clean windows in Aurora Colorado during the winter:

  1. Hire a professional!
  2. Hire a professional!
  3. Hire a professional!
  4. Hire a professional!
  5. Hire a professional!

Safety: Ladder placement is critical for safety. Unseen ice could result in a world of hurt! Ice sliding off gutters or the roof also represents a chance for a head injury. Because the surfaces of your home are all slippery due to ice and water a small "over reach" may result in the ladder slipping  off the roof Is all these risks worth it? So hire a pro...

Todd, "I take extra precaustons in winter window and gutter  cleaning.  I have established good safety habits as a result of years of cleaning windows and gutters in winter.  (I also have good insurance!)".

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