Friday, December 9, 2016

Denver Window Cleaning - New construction

Even a Denver window cleaner has to be creative. The ladder that I had in the truck was 2 feet short of reaching the top of the third story.  I had two alternatives, getting a larger ladder from the shop, or finding a creative, but safe way to solve the problem on site.

If I went back to the shop, the customer's job would be delayed for 1-2 hours, and my next job that afternoon would have to be rescheduled.  That was not acceptable given my commitment to customer service.

I thought for a minute, and the solution came to me.  I could set up my ladder on the bed of my truck and gain the 2 feet I needed.  I took some scrap lumber from the site and made sure they were wedged  under the tires to stop the truck from rolling.

The ladder was set up and the third story could be reached safely and cleaned.


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