Friday, December 9, 2016

Denver Window Cleaning - New construction

Even a Denver window cleaner has to be creative. The ladder that I had in the truck was 2 feet short of reaching the top of the third story.  I had two alternatives, getting a larger ladder from the shop, or finding a creative, but safe way to solve the problem on site.

If I went back to the shop, the customer's job would be delayed for 1-2 hours, and my next job that afternoon would have to be rescheduled.  That was not acceptable given my commitment to customer service.

I thought for a minute, and the solution came to me.  I could set up my ladder on the bed of my truck and gain the 2 feet I needed.  I took some scrap lumber from the site and made sure they were wedged  under the tires to stop the truck from rolling.

The ladder was set up and the third story could be reached safely and cleaned.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 Story Commercial Building in Englewood Colorado

As I washed all three stories of this commercial building, the odor of good Italian food caught up with me. Unfortunately, I was on the third floor and had to complete the job before eating.  It was tough!  One thing I have learned over the years is that, customers come first and my “stomach” could wait!

The building housed the restaurant Colore.  I did not get a chance to sample their food, as I had another job that day, but it sure smelled really good!

Halloween Window Cleaning Stapleton, Colorado

Folks familiar with Stapleton, Colorado, know that Halloween is a BIG DEAL!

Imagine my concern when I had to place my ladder among skeletons and skulls! It looked like a graveyard with nothing buried!

As you may know I summited Mount Denali, and in one day summited and skied down four 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado. So I am not "afraid" of much!  But, when I was cleaning the windows of this great home, on a ladder, I could not help to look down, and make sure that there was nothing climbing up after me!

For more info on Stapleton, Halloween see:  SURVIVING HALLOWEEN IN STAPLETON

Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Construction Window Cleaning

New construction or post construction window cleaning, in Denver, has several unique challenges for a window cleaner. On the windows there might be, concrete, mortar, paint, plaster, silicone, stickers, stucco, tape, taping mud and texture. When cleaning new construction windows,  the real challenge is to clean the windows and NOT scratch the glass or damage the sounding panes. This job was for window cleaning inside and out. 

The best way to get the windows clean is hire a professional, with proper insurance, AND experience doing new construction window cleaning in Denver.

These homes are 5,000 sq. ft., in a gated private community with a golf course. The location: right at the bottom of the front range mountains. 

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