Sunday, April 17, 2016

I Love My Customers!

I really love my customers.   I am appreciative of the opportunity they give me to contribute to the upkeep of their lovely  homes.

Sometimes they do  something special that really shows their appreciation, and really helps my business.  Here are two occasions.

To Patricia W. who was the first to post to my Yelp Page.  She wrote,

Todd  on a customers roof!
"Todd is fast, efficient and honest.  Our gutters were overfilled and honestly with the past rain fall we've been having, it was like watching Niagara Falls off our roof!  Todd came highly recommended by a neighbor and so I'm passing on the recommendation."

And to Dave S.  He was kind enough to post 2 reviews! See below,

"In my initial review, after the first time I worked with Todd, I stated how he had told me that if I needed him to come back in the Spring, he would do that at no charge.  He called it part of his warranty!  I was somewhat skeptical of this, but when I called Todd earlier this week, he was here the following day.  He cleaned out all the gutters and downspouts (just in time to beat the storm) and did a great job of cleaning up afterward as well.  And as he told me when he was here the first time, there was not charge for this appointment! I cannot recommend more highly.  He's principled, honest and very hard working."

Initial Review

"Todd showed up exactly at the time we had scheduled.  I have never had anyone spend as much time as Todd did in cleaning out our gutters.  In the past, there would be a team of 3 or 4 workers, and be done in 15 minutes or so...and often I would have to make sure they got the down spouts cleaned, cleaned up the yard after, etc.  Todd was so efficient, and was here for about an hour and twenty minutes.  He did an excellent job, got all of the downspouts blown out, and cleaned up everything from the roof that was on our lawn.  I would highly recommend Todd to anyone looking to get their gutters cleaned.  And he told me that if the gutters got clogged again, in the Spring , (this was done at the end of November), that he would come back and clean them out at no extra charge.  He said it was part of his warranty! Great job!"

Again Thank You!!!  for taking the time to post.

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