Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rain is great for flowers! Not good when your gutters overflow!

Don't wait till your gutters are causing a real problem for your home!  The propose of a gutter is two fold;
  1. Protect entries from water running off your roof on a walkway (on your head)
  2. Move water away from your house protecting your home from running water damaging walls or causing mold!

Of course I cleaned the gutter and took care of the problem - BEFORE the next rain storm. For more information of my Gutter Service CLICK HERE!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

See the mountains, forest and trees!

Look at your windows - right NOW!

Are they dirty?

Rocky Mountain Windows and Gutters will  turn grime to gleam! (Or if you prefer sparkle, twinkle, and glisten!)

I am a pro at window cleaning - I use the right stuff, arrive on time, and do the job with safety.

Right now we have a special deal:

Combine Window and Gutter Cleaning you get
10% off of Both!

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